Kind words from past and present collaborators

"Amos is a pleasure to work with, and an incredibly conscientious collaborator. On In Other Waters he offered a deep understanding of the immersive properties of sound design, as well as a precise ear for the emotional resonance of music, which contributed significantly to the game's critical success."

- Gareth Damian Martin, Founder, Jump Over the Age


"Amos is an exceptionally talented composer and also a delight to work with. He understands how to create evocative music that neither overshadows nor undersells a game; you can listen to it repeatedly on a loop without becoming tired of it. Amos is also a great teammate who is easy to communicate with; he felt like "one of us" right away. I recommend Amos without reservation."

-David Edery, Co-founder and CEO, Spryfox


"We've been working with Amos for years now, and the best way I can describe the sound design he delivers to us is that it feels natural and like it was meant to be a part of the experience the whole time! The cohesion that he brings to a project through audio is the difference between a good project and a great project, and the process is always super easy, pleasant, and creative."

-Ben Posedel, Producer, Oblio 


I've worked with Amos on a couple of video games, which he contributed music composition and sound work to. I'd work with Amos again at the drop of a hat! His work is vibrant and polished no matter the genre or constraints. He also understands the underlying video game tech his work is used in, which is really essential. It's a treasure to work with someone so flexible and talented! Also, he's a nice person! You can't really ask for more than all that! Thanks for all the great collaborations, Amos!

-Nina Freeman, Founder, Star Maid Games


"When we had the opportunity to collaborate on Some Distant Memory, Amos went above and beyond our expectations. He perfectly carried out the vision we had for the mood, tone, and pacing of the soundtrack, and delivered early. I'd happily work with Amos again and I'd happily recommend him for any team."

-Patrick Morgan, Co-founder, Galvanic Games


"One of the most powerful things that struck me in working with Amos was that he really took the time to understand the gameplay, the overall aesthetic and our motivations behind creating the game. That kind of empathy was invaluable for a studio working tirelessly on its debut title and it really shined through in the final product. All-in-all it was a joy to work with Amos both professionally and personally."

-Haukur Steinn, Producer, CCP and Co-Founder, Radiant Games


"Amos created music and sound design that provided the game with a unique identity. I still enjoy listening to it after six years. Amos is a great musician, but most importantly, he's a great person. 10/10!"     

-Marco Bancale, Founder, Licorice, and co-creator of: